Indigo Envelope

Can I get color and paper swatches to take home and show my fiancee?

Colors are one of the biggest parts of your wedding or special event, and your stationery reflects that. You can get color and paper swatches to take home to your fiancee or whomever might help you in your decision making process.

With our process, we first meet with you at a consultaton in our studio, in which we spend about an hour and a half with you fleshing out ideas and deciding what you really want. Naturally, colors are a part of that. We’ll show you as many swatches as you need to see. For example, if you’re interested in a gray envelope, we will show you paper swatches in all of our gray colors and paper options. Then, once you have narrowed it down to the few colors you are interested in, we can give you swatches to take home.

This will help you remember the exact colors you chose, or to make a decision between two or three colors in the same color family if you’re not sure. You might want to make the final decision with your fiancee, maid of honor, mother, sister, or whomever you choose to seek an opinion from.Then you would let us know your final choice.

There is no charge for taking home five or so color swatches. In fact, we think it helps you to see the quality and vibrance of our papers and colors.