Indigo Envelope

Color Matching

Color matching. Colors vary greatly on computer screens, so purchase swatches to review your color choices and experiment with different combinations. We carry every color of the Envelopments™ line in our studio. Swatches are complimentary with your stationery order.

We can easily match inks to the color of the papers in your stationery order. If we are printing with colored inks on colored paper, we will try to lighten and darken colors so that they appear more “true” to the color you desire. The color choices are our judgment call, and we do not accept returns on stationery because of a very small variation in ink tone. Color matching is a bit of an art, as well as a science, and our decisions are based on the legibility and contrast, as well as perfect color matching.

If you would like to see a printed color proof to be able to verify the colors, we are happy to provide this service at a cost of $25. You should also expect the printed proofing service to slow down your order by at least a week.

We always do our best to provide a color match to your dress swatches, table linens, or other requests. Please just ask us about this service. If we do not have a specific paper color, it is usually very easy to add a custom ink color so that your design comes out perfect and includes all the colors for your event. We sometimes even just print a small amount of paper in your specific color. Just ask us about the options.