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DIY Wedding Invitations & Online Supplies Ordering

DIY Invitations?

We can help you plan DIY wedding invitations order. This would include an order of blank stationery for your wedding invitations or corporate project. You can also save a few dollars by allowing us to print your invitations, but then assembling them yourself. We can offer expert advice and recommend glues or adhesives tabs to assemble your project.

We recommend using Glue Dots for assembly as they stick well to both the metallic and matte papers and do not create any mess. Glue Dots are a wonderful product to use, as they minimize the mess and stick well to most papers. They are ideal for attaching small items like paper flowers, ribbons and embellishments.

Many designers recommend ATG Tape Guns, which are indeed easy to use, but more expensive than the other options. We sell these, too, and for us in the studio, they are the preferred glue. Some of our DIY clients, however, may find them a little bit pricey.

We sell 2 x 7.5 inch labels for making custom-designed outer mailing labels. They are long enough to wrap around an envelope 5 inches tall by 7 inches wide, leaving a 2 x 2 area for the return address and 2 x 5.5 for addressing the guests. We also offer labels in other sizes and shapes.

We can discuss glue options with you and include all the supplies you need with your order of paper products if that is convenient for you.

DIY Supplies Ordering Online

Our font and graphics licenses do not allow us to design something for you to print yourself. However, if you want to DIY your wedding invitations from start to finish, you can buy all of your supplies online from us. You’ll have access to the whole line of Envelopments TM papers and colors. We are also happy to work with you to send you swatches and make other recommendations. Please feel free to call us with any questions.

Then go here to order your supplies directly through our online Envelopments supplies link:

We appreciate you going through the link to place your order if we have assisted you with your decisions. We earn a small commission through this service to compensate us for our time in assisting you with your order of DIY supplies.