Indigo Envelope

How can I place a reorder of designs you created for me?


Sometimes you find yourself running short on supplies, or your guest list quantities have changed. We can certainly place a reorder for you of designs that we created. Simply tell us item(s) you wish to reprint, and the quantity that you will need.

Please note that reordering is expensive, and can easily run up to $100 plus shipping, just for a few pieces. We will, of course, confirm all prices with  you before placing your reorder. It will take about a week to 10 days to reprint your items.

It is far easier to be sure you have the correct quanities before you place your original order, and to order more than you will need. We recommend ordering 10 to 15 extra pieces, including invitations and envelopes, in case you wind up with an increased guest list or make a few mistakes when addressing envelopes.

At Indigo Envelope, we will do whatever we can to keep our clients happy.