Indigo Envelope

How will I receive my order?

Clients often wonder, “How will I receive my order from Indigo Envelope?”

It’s very simple to receive an order once it’s complete and ready. Either pick it up if you’re local, or have it shipped if you’re not.

First, we will give you a call or send you an e-mail to let you know your order is complete. Then you can pay with a Visa or Mastercard by phone or in person, or with a check in person or by mail. If you’re local, simply come by the studio and pick up your order.

We always include a sample of your items for you to see and get excited about, perhaps to use in your scrapbook. We also weigh your invitations and give you an estimate of what postage will cost. (Of course, it’s best to take it to a post office to be sure.)

If you live far out of town or out of state, you can mail us a check or pay by phone with a credit card. Once we receive your payment and shipping costs, we’ll ship your order to you so you will have it ready in time for your mailing or event dates.