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How will your envelopes get addressed?

How do wedding invitation envelopes get addressed?

You may be wondering how your envelopes will get addressed for your wedding or special event. You have several options when it comes to envelope addressing.

One is an outside calligrapher. If you have chosen a light colored envelope, you may want this fancy hand addressing. This can be a costly option, however, as many calligraphers charge $2-3.50 per envelope to address them. If you choose this route, we can recommend several local calligraphers who do a beautiful job. Keep in mind, however, that they are yet another vendor that you will have to coordinate with.

Next, you can have us print both the return address and the guests’ names and addresses on your envelopes. This will be done with laser printing in fonts that match your invitations, and the ink is waterproof. This is an option for both matte and metallic paper. We can even print some extra blank envelopes with your design on them (if you’ve ordered enough supplies), in case you forgot to add somebody to your guest list. Having your envelopes addressed this way is only $.75 per envelope.

Another option is to have us print just the return address and some decoration on your envelopes. Then you would hand address them yourself. This option is $.45 per envelope. We print these in-house also so if you need to add an extra envelope last minute, and you’ve ordered enough supplies, this is no problem.

If you have chosen a dark colored envelope, neither printing nor calligraphy nor handwriting is likely to show up on it. Therefore, we recommend our fancy address wraps. (Of course you can use these on light colored envelopes as well!) These are long rectangular labels that can be printed in any of your colors or with a design on them. They wrap around the envelope with the return address on the back, and the guest address on the front. We will print these labels for a cost of $.60 plus time to put them on your envelopes (we do not recommend you place them on the envelopes yourself as it requires some skill).

At Indigo Envelope, every item is custom made to your liking, including the way your envelopes get addressed. E-mail or call with any questions you have about the addressing method of your choice.