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What happened to inner envelopes?

Inner Envelopes: An Outdated Idea

Inner envelopes are an antiquated tradition. They have their roots in the days when mail service was poor and the mail often did not make it to the recipient in good shape. Therefore, an inner envelope with recipient names was necessary.

They also hail from the days when house servants would deliver the mail to the homeowner, by first taking off the outer envelope and delivering the inner envelope and its contents. It’s not likely that you have a house servant hand delivering your mail to you today, nor do your guests!

Modern invitations come in various creative formats. At Indigo Envelope, our fancy Envelopments enclosures take the place of what an inner envelope used to be. They are contained in an outer envelope in which to mail them.

Unless you get a simple flat invitation with a backing card, you’ll likely choose an enclosure with a pocket in it to hold both your main invitation and your event or itinerary and RSVP cards. If you insist on having an inner envelope, the only ones that fit our designs are flat cards.