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Invitation Order Turnaround Times

Another important consideration when ordering invitations and other printed items is the turnaround times necessary to complete your order in a timely manner. Invitation order turnaround times may vary according to the type of printing you choose, and the amount of design time necessary to create something wonderful for you.

Six to 12 months ahead, we reccommend booking us for your design. We can only accept a certain number of clients each month as we are a small, busy studio.

We advise you to send save the dates six months ahead for a stateside ceremony, and up to 12 months ahead for an international destination wedding.

Wedding invitations themselves have a four to seven week turnaround time from the date you order them. Rush orders are available, but cost a whole lot more, so place your order four to six months ahead of time. You’ll want to mail them up to eight weeks in advance.

Two to four months before your wedding, place your out of town invitations in the mail. Most people mail theirs eight weeks in advance. International guests will need theirs mailed out with even more lead time. Also, take an assembled invitation to the post office to be weighed. We always weigh our invitations and provide you with instructions for postage and mailing, but it doesn’t hurt to get them weighed at the post office also.

Invitations being mailed outside of the United States will have to have postage calculated individually.

For more information on turnaround times, see our page on When to Order Wedding Invitations.