Indigo Envelope

Invitation Ordering Tips–How Many to Order?

Here are some invitaition ordering tips so you know how many to order.

Always order at least 10 more invitations than you need. It is really nice to have a few extra invitations if you discover someone was left off your guest list. Ordering only an extra 10 invitations on a small print run could cost as much as $100-$150, so you want to make sure your order the correct amount with a cushion for extras in your first order, to save yourself from having to place a costly extras order.

If you are going to be hand-addressing your invitations, or sending them to a calligrapher, we recommend ordering 20% extra envelopes to allow for mistakes in addressing.

If you are going to be assembling and gluing together your invitation pieces yourselves in order to save yourself some money, we recommend ordering at least 10-15 extras of all of the assembly pieces to make sure you have enough spare parts for mistakes.

Remember when you are counting your guests, you count the number of mailboxes (not individual people) when you are estimating how many invitations you will need. We will often contact you to confirm your final quantity and make sure you are ready for us to order your supplies, especially if it seems like your guest list has been growing or shrinking. Once supplies are ordered, there are no returns on cut paper if your quantity of guests suddenly decreases greatly, so we want to make sure to get the quantity right.