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Invitation Pieces Anatomy

These are just some of the invitation pieces you can include in your wedding or corporate invitation.

The simplest invitation or announcement is a specially designed postcard. That might cost you about $.65 to $1.25, plus postage. (Ask us about our photo postcards which cost $1.29 with envelope.)

The next step up is a flat card and envelope, perhaps with additional inserts. This usually costs a total of about $2 to $5, depending on the card stock, printing costs and postage.

The fanciest invitations have multiple pieces:

Outer Envelope

This can be paper, glassine (clear), or vellum. It is formally addressed to the recipient with courtesy titles (Ms., Mr., Mrs., etc.). It protects the invitation in the mail. This envelope costs $.30 to $2 per invitation, with our standard envelopes costing $1-$1.25 each, including the cost of printing. As long as your outer envelopes are light colored, we can print addresses on them in the same font as your invitation. (We’ll just need you to provide us with a spreadsheet of your addresses.) Otherwise, handwriting or calligraphy adds a personal touch.

Outer Labels

We can print exterior labels for your invitations using your fonts and graphics. This is necessary when your outer envelope is dark colored and cannot be written on.

Inner Envelopes

Our creative Envelopments™ enclosures serve as a modern inner envelope, holding all of your materials together in a beautiful design. We usually do not address these contemporary inner envelopes. A traditional inner envelope may be addressed less formally, even with first names. (Or you don’t have to put names on this envelope.) This usually costs $.42 up to $4 per invitation for fancier pocket envelopes.

Main Invitation Card

This is the main part of the invitation. It invites people to your event (or events). Depending on the size, card stock, and the number of matted layers, as well as the style of printing, this part of the invitation usually costs $.65 to $3 per invitation. Each additional enclosure card will also cost about this amount.

Reception Card

This specifies where the reception will be held. It is often included when a wedding reception and ceremony occur in different places and includes all the information that would be cumbersome on a single card. A map and directions can be included to help your guests navigate to the reception site. Some couples use this card to list multiple events that may occur over a weekend.

Response or RSVP Card

This is included for an event where there is a request for a written response, not just a phone call or e-mail. The guests mail it back. The response card can be designed as a postcard, the latest trend. (Using a postcard response design saves you as much as $1 per invitation.) Or your response card can come with an additional envelope that is already addressed and stamped for its return. Both state a deadline to reply.


You can include a separate insert or card devoted just to directions and map information.

Other Enclosures

We have designed other cards for specific events. Some people include a card with hotel, travel or tourist information, particularly if an event requires most guests to travel. Figure $.65 to $2.50 or so per enclosure card.


These were traditionally included in formal invitations to prevent ink smudges. Because of today’s printing methods, this has become an antiquated tradition. Some of our clients still like to include a sheet of vellum or patterned paper to add a splash of visual interest and to prevent any smudging on ink jet or laser printed pieces. This usually costs about $.20 to $.80 per invitation and may be printed with a monogram or some other design flourish.