Indigo Envelope

Printing at Home

Printing at home is an option for do it yourselfers. If you plan to print your invitations yourself, we recommend ordering print test packs in units of 10 to 30 sheets for all your papers so that you can try them in your printer before you order everything you need. We do NOT accept returns of cut-to-order paper, so you need to make SURE you can print on your paper before you place an order if you are going to try to DIY your invitations.

Our wonderful Envelopments™ stocks are usually about an 80# cover weight, with some stocks ranging up to 105# and above. Some printers will have difficulty handling the thicker stocks, so if you want to print your invitations yourself, you should check your printer’s manual and print test pages while planning your order. You may have to hand-feed each individual piece into some printers. If using a laser printer, you may want to open the back door so that the paper will not be bent and turned through the rollers at the end of the printing process.

Keep in mind that textured papers do not usually work as well with laser printing; the ink may rub off more easily on a textured surface than on a smooth surface.

Metallic and slicker papers tend to be more difficult to print with ink jet printers. When printing on an ink jet printer, you may need to experiment to adjust the print quality, paper settings and print speed to produce a good result and not put too much ink on the page. Some ink jet print jobs will be fine if they are handled carefully and allowed adequate drying time.

Printing Smaller Pieces & Bleeds

We recommend that you avoid ordering small pieces for printing. Many printers don’t print on pieces that are smaller than 3 by 5 inches. Smaller pieces are easiest to print on an 8.5 by 11-inch piece of card stock and then cut down to their actual size.

Many home printers will not perform borderless printing except for very specific sizes of stocks. They may also slightly enlarge your design in order to accomplish borderless printing. If you want a bleed (where the graphic goes right to the edge of the stock), we recommend ordering a larger piece of stock. Cut it after printing for a more precise outcome.

Printing Our Designs at Your Home

Our licenses for fonts and graphics require that we handle the printing of anything that we design. Therefore, you cannot print our invitation designs at home. Please ask us for a custom quote to handle the printing for you.