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What is your return policy?

What is Your Return Policy?

We do not accept returns on stationery orders.

The Client acknowledges that upon approval of the estimate form, that their stationery supplies will be ordered. A member of our team typically contacts the Client to confirm quantities prior to an order being placed, but this may not always happen. Once an order has been placed, the Client is responsible for paying the full costs of materials as quoted and approved by the Client on this form.

The Designer cannot accept returns on any paper products,  since the stationery will be custom-manufactured per the Client’s instructions. The Client is responsible for approving colors and sizes as reflected by this proposal, understanding that these decisions cannot be changed after the stationery is ordered without some additional cost.

All stationery materials are ordered in units of 5, with 10 being the minimum amount that can be ordered of any one item. The Client may ask the Designer to purchase additional small amounts of stationery, as long as it meets this minimum order requirement. Orders of less than $50 will be charged an extra $5 handling fee, which is what our vendors charge us to deal with such orders. IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED THAT ALL STATIONERY ORDERS INCLUDE AT LEAST 10 TO 15 EXTRA UNITS, as ordering a few extras later will be costly.  The minimum charge for a reprint of a few additional pieces of any single component of your invitation is $25 per component, so the total cost of a few extra invitations could easily be in excess of $100.