Indigo Envelope

Place/Escort Cards

Place cards are stationed at each spot at the tables. Escort cards (or tags) are picked up by the guests, who then use their table name or number to find their seat. You can just do escort cards, and let guests choose their own seats. Or, you can make both a place card and an escort card. Another option is to have a large sign or seating key, then to put place cards at each seat. You can just do a seating chart all by itself, too. Finally, you can just have open seating and not worry about it!

We have options if you would like to avoid putting the word “beef” or “chicken” under someone’s name to help the servers with the meal choices. We usually color code the papers or the flourishes, or we can print an icon that is part of the design. We will also create a “key” that you can give to your venue. Please call us to discuss the options.


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