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Wedding Templates – Easy and Cost Effective

Are you not sure where to start? Too many options?

For some couples, it’s easiest to start with a pre-made template. We have hundreds of ready-made wedding designs in our design files. And in addition to simplifying your decision process, when you choose an existing design, you save $150 on custom design time. (Choosing an existing design, means we will not change graphics and usually may only make one change to a font style… Otherwise, we need to charge something for the time to do a greater customization, although that is also possible.)

Here are just a few examples of new wedding stationery templates from this year. We will customize your colors from our selection of more than 300 fine stationery papers.

Also, you will still have your choice of printing techniques: digital press, thermography (raised ink best for single-color more simple designs), or our luxe favorite, letterpress (engraved print that is best for designs that are usually turned into a single-color version).

These templates were created (and are copyright protected) by our major stationery supplier, Envelopments. Click here to see more examples of Envelopments templates that we can customize quickly for your projects. And click here for even more templates, created in 2014. And then there is our storehouse of our own customized projects, which we have put into our portfolios. These designs can also be tweaked and recreated easily. We have several hundred other new customized designs pending photography; but samples are available in-studio for you to browse.

Remember, in order to get started on your design, we need to know the NAMES of the couple in order to look up the template you have chosen. We hope to hear from you soon!


With hundreds of pre-made templates, we can customize your colors to match your event.


Finally, we offer ONE MORE OPTION for templates. Through our streamlined Make-It-Mine catalogues, you are able to order quickly and directly. If you fall in love with any of these designs, they can be quickly duplicated. However, fonts, graphics, and color choices are more limited in an effort to make this option as simple and straightforward as possible. If you are interested in a Make-It-Mine design template, please feel free to email us at Many of these collections are in the $6-$9 range, to give you an idea for price. The final cost depends on the number of extra information cards, and whether you need us to address your envelopes for you.



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