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Wording to Describe the Union

Traditional phrasing emphasized that women were being married “to” their husbands, upon leaving their parents’ homes. You can choose to be married “to” someone, or you can choose to use the word “and” between your names to describe two people getting married to each other. Some couples prefer the traditional wording, but many of our clients are looking for something more modern.

Today, many couples are marrying later, hosting their own weddings, and choosing wording to describe their unions that reflects changing ideas about marriage. Here are some examples, both traditional and more contemporary, describing the act of marriage:

  • At the marriage of (traditionally bride’s name) to (groom’s name)
  • Gives her hand in marriage to
  • Are united in marriage / unite in marriage
  • At the union of (name) and (name)
  • When we exchange marriage vows
  • As they recite their wedding vows
  • Pledge our love to each other
  • Begin a new life together
  • Tie the knot
  • When (name) and (name) exchange vows of love and marriage