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In light of the extremely serious pandemic, and to protect our staff from becoming ill with COVID-19, we have closed our offices in Arlington and Durham to all visitors, and are open only for online consultations right now. Please call either office to discuss a project consultation. We are turning off our online calendar for now.

We are still open, and some of our team members already telework, so we were prepared in that regard. We continue working on communications indicating that events have been postponed or cancelled. We are working on early designs for events that will be held, when life resumes in the future. And we are working on ideas to help clients host digital or virtual reality events in the interim. As always, we are continuing to provide a full suite of design services to a range of clients.

For any orders that are being completed in these next few weeks, we can make an appointment for curbside pickup, or we can mail a product to you.

We endorse the recommendations of our nation’s health care leaders that events should be cancelled or postponed to a date as far in advance in the future as possible. The best etiquette is to show care and concern for those we love. Right now, the only way to #flattenthecurve is to stay home and keep someone else safe by not being part of the transmission of this virus.

More news to come later this week for online classes and products to help you “socially distance” yourselves in body, but become more connected in spirit. As always, our corporate mission remains the same: to empower creativity in the world and to help our clients tell their stories. We are working on the best way we can continue to do that in the coming months.

CALL US to set up an online chat to discuss your creative project.

919-493-8800 (Durham) or 571-393-8790 (Arlington).



Let us know who you are & what it is you’re looking for. This allows us to estimate and begin work on your project even before we meet. AFTER YOU HAVE REGISTERED OR LOGGED IN, please click here to fill out our EVENT INFORMATION FORM so we can be prepared for our meeting.


DON’T COME AND SEE US! We are practicing “social distance” right now for health reasons. However, we do offer curbside pickup for projects being completed this month.

Click here to download DIRECTIONS to our Durham, North Carolina office  located downtown, off of Main Street, in the historic Snow Building.

Click here to download DIRECTIONS to our Arlington, Virginia studio… just as cool because our owner will take on your project personally!