Indigo Envelope


Wondering about possible monogram styles? Here are some ideas. We will create something special and new for you. Many of our designer fonts have more than 2,000 glyphs, which makes creating customized monograms a lot of fun. We also use books of thousands of vintage monograms for inspiration. Most couples choose to do an “A&B” style monogram on their invitation, and then if they are combining names, the monogram changes to an “ACB” format at the reception, with the new last name initial in the middle. Designs can be printed in letterpress, foil stamping, thermography, or digital printing, or combinations of styles. A beautiful monogram can also be used to brand other items for your event, such as napkins, the dance floor, favors, and fine social stationery. We have many couples who even use our monogram design on their cake.