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Wedding Registry Etiquette

Formal China, crystal glasses, silverware, these are things we think of when we think of wedding registries. However, registries are changing with the times and so is wedding registry etiquette.

Gifts are Voluntary

Brides do it sometimes, and the big box stores pressure them to include their registry information inside their invitations. We do this occasionally but traditional etiquette is that a gift is always voluntary and your more traditional guests could be offended. A safer tactic is to include a link to your wedding website in your invitation, and let people who desire to buy a gift off your registry go there to find the online list and link to that. Another way to share registry information is to instead tell your close friends and family, including the wedding party, and have them spread the word if guests ask where you are registered.

Items to Ask For

As to what to register for, items on gift registry lists are changing every day. It is now acceptable to mix classic registry items with fun and different ones, such as tools, gardening equipment, and camping gear. Some couples choose to register for donations toward their honeymoons or a cause they believe in, but you should never ask directly for cash. At, you can politely ask for donations toward your ideal honeymoon.

Shop Local

Another interesting option many couples like to do is to promote shopping local. Some areas have services focused on items in local stores. If your area doesn’t, try, where you can add any item from any store on one registry. Also, remember to register for items of different values so there is something for everyone to choose from.

Thanking Your Guests

Finally, remember to send thank you notes as your gifts come in. It will help you keep track of your gifts, and according to Anna Post, it is a myth that you have a year to send them out. Order them when you order your invitations and use them right away– don’t wait for months to thank your guests for gifts. Many of our brides order their thank you notes with their invitations… If desired, we can even pre-print addresses on the thank you envelopes to make that process go that much faster. The design time for a matching social stationery set is always free when you order from us. The cost of thank you note sets dips 10 percent when your order at least 100 sets from us.