Indigo Envelope

Wording for Attire

How should your guests dress? They will take their cues from how your invitation looks and how formal the wording is. You may want to include a line to specify a type of dress, particularly if the event is very formal or very casual. That helpful bit of information will aid your guests in choosing the right outfit for your event. Notes about attire are also often included on event information cards that are included in an invitation package.

Here are some common phrases that are included, often at the bottom left corner of the invitation, sometimes in a smaller font size, below the main text:

  • Black tie
  • White tie
  • Black tie preferred
  • Black tie optional
  • Black tie invited
  • Semi-formal
  • Casual chic, No tie optional
  • Casual attire
  • Modest attire requested
  • Business casual attire
  • Attire: Hawaiian shirts and sandals