Indigo Envelope

Divorced Parents

Invitation wording when divorced parents are hosting can get a little tricky. If the parents’ surnames are still the same, you should list the parents as Mr. John Smith and Mrs. (or Ms.) Anne Smith, with a conjunction between them.

If the mother has changed her name, she should be listed as whatever she goes by currently.

If the parents have remarried, the names of their new spouses can also be listed if they are involved in hosting the event.

If a parent has remarried, and that parent and her new spouse are hosting the event, you can say “at the marriage of her daughter” rather than “their daughter.”


Mr. David Smith and Ms. Jane Smith


Mr. Don Johnson and Mrs. Deborah Harris

request the honor of your presence

at the marriage of their children

Elizabeth Anne and John Michael

on Saturday, the twenty-third of May

two thousand fifteen

St. John Catholic Church

1234 Some Street

City, State

Reception with dinner and dancing to follow

. . . . . . . . . .

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Smith

invite you to celebrate

the marriage of her daughter

Elizabeth Grace Danner


Michael Johnson

on the seventh of November

two thousand and fifteen

at ten o’clock in the morning

First Methodist Church

1234 Some Street

City, State

Lunch reception to follow

in the fellowship hall

 . . . . . . . . . .

If your parents are divorced, you can list each parent on an invitation with a conjunction in between them. (Ex: Mr. John Harris and Mrs. Anne Smith) Step-parents can be included, too, if they are hosting. We have a lot of experience wording invitations for every kind of family situation, so just ask us for help.