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Invitation FAQS

How can I place a reorder of designs you created for me?


Sometimes you find yourself running short on supplies, or your guest list quantities have changed. We can certainly place a reorder for you of designs that we created. Simply tell us item(s) you wish to reprint, and the quantity that you will need.

Please note that reordering is expensive, and can easily run up to $100 plus shipping, just for a few pieces. We will, of course, confirm all prices with  you before placing your reorder. It will take about a week to 10 days to reprint your items.

It is far easier to be sure you have the correct quanities before you place your original order, and to order more than you will need. We recommend ordering 10 to 15 extra pieces, including invitations and envelopes, in case you wind up with an increased guest list or make a few mistakes when addressing envelopes.

At Indigo Envelope, we will do whatever we can to keep our clients happy.

Do you offer invitation samples?

Invitation Samples

We don’t offer invitation samples of specific designs. However, we do offer an invitation sample kit that will show you the quality of our paper and the type of fancy enclosures that we use from Envelopments.

To receive your sample kit, it is a nominal charge of $5.00 plus postage or shipping costs. If you are in the area, of course, you can pick one up from us and save on postage and shipping.

Can I get color and paper swatches to take home and show my fiancee?

Colors are one of the biggest parts of your wedding or special event, and your stationery reflects that. You can get color and paper swatches to take home to your fiancee or whomever might help you in your decision making process.

With our process, we first meet with you at a consultaton in our studio, in which we spend about an hour and a half with you fleshing out ideas and deciding what you really want. Naturally, colors are a part of that. We’ll show you as many swatches as you need to see. For example, if you’re interested in a gray envelope, we will show you paper swatches in all of our gray colors and paper options. Then, once you have narrowed it down to the few colors you are interested in, we can give you swatches to take home.

This will help you remember the exact colors you chose, or to make a decision between two or three colors in the same color family if you’re not sure. You might want to make the final decision with your fiancee, maid of honor, mother, sister, or whomever you choose to seek an opinion from.Then you would let us know your final choice.

There is no charge for taking home five or so color swatches. In fact, we think it helps you to see the quality and vibrance of our papers and colors.

Will you provide your designs or fonts for me to use on other items?

Unfortunately, our licenses with our suppliers prevent us from providing our designs or fonts for you to use on other items. Clients often ask if they can have a monogram put on their aisle runner, for example, or used in favors that they are creating themselves. We could get in a lot of trouble if we did this.

However, there is another option. If you’re getting promotional items made for favors, such as bottle or can koozies, t-shirts, or wine glasses, we can lend a hand. For $25 per design item, we can upload a file to the website of the supplier that you are using and have the item made that way. This is perfectly legal and does not violate the terms of any of our licenses.


How will I receive my order?

Clients often wonder, “How will I receive my order from Indigo Envelope?”

It’s very simple to receive an order once it’s complete and ready. Either pick it up if you’re local, or have it shipped if you’re not.

First, we will give you a call or send you an e-mail to let you know your order is complete. Then you can pay with a Visa or Mastercard by phone or in person, or with a check in person or by mail. If you’re local, simply come by the studio and pick up your order.

We always include a sample of your items for you to see and get excited about, perhaps to use in your scrapbook. We also weigh your invitations and give you an estimate of what postage will cost. (Of course, it’s best to take it to a post office to be sure.)

If you live far out of town or out of state, you can mail us a check or pay by phone with a credit card. Once we receive your payment and shipping costs, we’ll ship your order to you so you will have it ready in time for your mailing or event dates.

What payment types do you accept?

Indigo Envelope makes payment simple. The payment types we accept are  Mastercard, Visa, and personal checks.

It is fastest to use a credit card, and many of our clients even pay with a credit card over the phone. Your initial $50 deposit is the most important piece of the puzzle to get your designs started, so you may want think  ahead of time about paying this. However, you can always drop off or mail a check to us as well. Once your payment clears, we will begin working on your designs.

For wedding invitations and extras, payment is not due until pickup. Therefore, you really have your choice of payment. You can pay with a Mastercard, Visa, or check in person, or ahead of time by phone or postal mail.

Naturally, if you are a long-distance client, you also have a choice to make. You may call in a credit card or mail a check to us when your deposit is due, or before we ship your stationery to you.

We try to make payment as easy and simple as can be by accepting the above listed payment types for your custom creations.

How will your envelopes get addressed?

How do wedding invitation envelopes get addressed?

You may be wondering how your envelopes will get addressed for your wedding or special event. You have several options when it comes to envelope addressing.

One is an outside calligrapher. If you have chosen a light colored envelope, you may want this fancy hand addressing. This can be a costly option, however, as many calligraphers charge $2-3.50 per envelope to address them. If you choose this route, we can recommend several local calligraphers who do a beautiful job. Keep in mind, however, that they are yet another vendor that you will have to coordinate with.

Next, you can have us print both the return address and the guests’ names and addresses on your envelopes. This will be done with laser printing in fonts that match your invitations, and the ink is waterproof. This is an option for both matte and metallic paper. We can even print some extra blank envelopes with your design on them (if you’ve ordered enough supplies), in case you forgot to add somebody to your guest list. Having your envelopes addressed this way is only $.75 per envelope.

Another option is to have us print just the return address and some decoration on your envelopes. Then you would hand address them yourself. This option is $.45 per envelope. We print these in-house also so if you need to add an extra envelope last minute, and you’ve ordered enough supplies, this is no problem.

If you have chosen a dark colored envelope, neither printing nor calligraphy nor handwriting is likely to show up on it. Therefore, we recommend our fancy address wraps. (Of course you can use these on light colored envelopes as well!) These are long rectangular labels that can be printed in any of your colors or with a design on them. They wrap around the envelope with the return address on the back, and the guest address on the front. We will print these labels for a cost of $.60 plus time to put them on your envelopes (we do not recommend you place them on the envelopes yourself as it requires some skill).

At Indigo Envelope, every item is custom made to your liking, including the way your envelopes get addressed. E-mail or call with any questions you have about the addressing method of your choice.




What happened to inner envelopes?

Inner Envelopes: An Outdated Idea

Inner envelopes are an antiquated tradition. They have their roots in the days when mail service was poor and the mail often did not make it to the recipient in good shape. Therefore, an inner envelope with recipient names was necessary.

They also hail from the days when house servants would deliver the mail to the homeowner, by first taking off the outer envelope and delivering the inner envelope and its contents. It’s not likely that you have a house servant hand delivering your mail to you today, nor do your guests!

Modern invitations come in various creative formats. At Indigo Envelope, our fancy Envelopments enclosures take the place of what an inner envelope used to be. They are contained in an outer envelope in which to mail them.

Unless you get a simple flat invitation with a backing card, you’ll likely choose an enclosure with a pocket in it to hold both your main invitation and your event or itinerary and RSVP cards. If you insist on having an inner envelope, the only ones that fit our designs are flat cards.

What is your return policy?

What is Your Return Policy?

We do not accept returns on stationery orders.

The Client acknowledges that upon approval of the estimate form, that their stationery supplies will be ordered. A member of our team typically contacts the Client to confirm quantities prior to an order being placed, but this may not always happen. Once an order has been placed, the Client is responsible for paying the full costs of materials as quoted and approved by the Client on this form.

The Designer cannot accept returns on any paper products,  since the stationery will be custom-manufactured per the Client’s instructions. The Client is responsible for approving colors and sizes as reflected by this proposal, understanding that these decisions cannot be changed after the stationery is ordered without some additional cost.

All stationery materials are ordered in units of 5, with 10 being the minimum amount that can be ordered of any one item. The Client may ask the Designer to purchase additional small amounts of stationery, as long as it meets this minimum order requirement. Orders of less than $50 will be charged an extra $5 handling fee, which is what our vendors charge us to deal with such orders. IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED THAT ALL STATIONERY ORDERS INCLUDE AT LEAST 10 TO 15 EXTRA UNITS, as ordering a few extras later will be costly.  The minimum charge for a reprint of a few additional pieces of any single component of your invitation is $25 per component, so the total cost of a few extra invitations could easily be in excess of $100.

Will I Receive a Design Proof with my Order?

Clients often ask us if they will receive a design proof with their orders. The answer is yes, several.

After your initial consultation, when we have a good idea of what you are looking for in an invitation, you will receive a sketch of the components and colors of your invitation, although the design won’t be completed until we receive your deposit.

Once we receive your deposit, you will receive one to three complete design concepts and then we revise the favorite one until your project is ready to print.

There is no charge to receive a proof of your design. We include two digital proofs for your approval plus a final digital design for your records, built into the cost of designing your stationery.

However, if you have changes beyond that, we will bill you for our time at $45 per hour. It is rare that a client needs extra changes after we submit the original drawing and design concepts plus proofs and final design.

If you need a printed proof for any reason, there is a $25 charge for each paper proof you receive.

For more information on how our process works, please see our page on Our Wedding Invitations Process.